McDonald's striking new ads will make you think twice about littering

McDonald's fries box in a house plant
(Image credit: TBWA\ANG / Stephen Galea)

McDonald's Malta is taking a stand against littering with a new ad campaign featuring the brand's packaging strewn in unconventional domestic spaces. Centering around the phrase "Love where you live", the campaign aims to highlight the careless attitude of littering by framing it inside of the home. 

The simplistic yet effective campaign is set to roll out across social media, as well as digital and traditional billboards, showcasing the brand's commitment to preserving our planet by treating it like home. (If you're after more thought-provoking advertising, check out our collection of the best traffic-stopping billboard advertisements). 

A spilled McFlurry on a wooden floor and a McDonald's cup in a fish tank

(Image credit: TBWA/ANG / Stephen Galea)

Created by advertising agency TBWA\ANG, the new 360 campaign focuses on McDonald's commitment to promoting recycling and more conscious waste disposal. In a time where caring for the environment is more crucial than ever, the campaign's domestic spin on littering presents a poignant message about double standards.

The series of visuals features McDonald's iconic packaging juxtaposed against household settings, such as a McDonald's fries box strewn in a houseplant. Another video shows a cup being discarded into a fish tank with rhetorical text reading "Would you do this at home?"

"The campaign highlights the inconsistency in how we treat our homes compared to nature", says TBWA\ANG via LinkedIn. "Just as we wouldn't throw a used takeaway cup into our home aquarium, we would also show the same respect for nature, as it is our home too," the advertising company added. 

Recontextualising littering by framing it in the home is a striking reflection of the carelessness that we have allowed towards nature. Hopefully, the candidness of this campaign will be enough to enact some positive change and make people think twice about the way in which we treat our planet.

It seems McDonald's is really hitting some home runs with its recent ad campaigns like this minimalist billboard ad that's been shaking up fans for all the right reasons. However, not every marketing move is a success, like the recent McDonald's x Palace collab that some fans were calling a fashion flop. 

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