Monotype's new lettering pays tribute to a jazz legend

Today sees the launch of Masqualero, the latest typeface from legendary type foundry Monotype. Designed by Jim Ford of the Monotype Studio, this dual-natured serif typeface took its name and inspiration from a classic jazz composition by Miles Davis.

With six different weights and italics, not to mention both Stencil and Groove display weights, the Masqualero typeface has been touted by Monotype as a versatile solution that can be applied to luxury goods, mastheads, logo design and more.

The origins of the new typeface can be traced back to when Ford listened to the Davis tune from the Sorceror album. With scintillating details and brilliant corners, Ford's aim with this typeface was to reflect the complexities and contradictions of Miles Davis and his music. 

“With the Masqualero typeface, there’s never a hair out of place,” said Ford. “It’s the black tuxedo or stiletto heels – it dresses up words.” 

Explore the typeface for yourself in the gallery below, and if you like what you see, grab single weights of the Masqualero typeface from and the Monotype Library Subscription from $49, or the complete six-weight family for $199. The complete typeface family will be available at half price until to 20 April 2017.

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Nicole Phillips from typograph.Her loves the contrast of the heavier weights
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The Masqualero typeface pairs well with Quire Sans, Kabel®, Antique OliveTM, Charter® and Trade Gothic®
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Ash O'Brien from Two of Us says, “it is clear that Masqualero has been pushed to the limits. It achieves a contrast in its appearance, yet still shares the same beautiful quirks across all eight weights, forming a flexible and cohesive family"
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“Masqualero is a remarkably gorgeous and stately type family with a strong and flamboyant personality, befitting a range of expressions,” says Julie Bakopoulou from jubaloodesign

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