Monument Valley 2 is here... and it’s beautiful

When ustwo released Monument Valley in 2014, it was a runaway success. It featured the kind of gorgeous, stylised design that you rarely (read: never) find in a video game. Now Monument Valley 2 has been launched exclusively for iPhone and iPad, and it’s just as awesome as its predecessor.

Monument Valley broke the mould when it came to game design

Set in the same universe as Monument Valley, players follow a mother and child as they journey through an impossible, ever-changing landscape. The ustwo team has drawn on everything from mid-century illustration to theatre, toy design and even confectionary to create a unique, magical experience.

“We wanted to find the perfect reason to return to Monument Valley, and the story of a mother who’s not only a parent but a creator of this world is a narrative we felt compelled to tell,” says Dan Gray, head of studio at ustwo Games. “We spent two years hiring some of the industry’s most talented people for this team, and we’re excited to show this whole new take on a game fans have been asking for.” 

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Players follow a mother and child through a series of unique levels
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Players are required to rethink what is possible
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The aim was to expand the audience of people who consider themselves video game players
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Unique sound design adds a new layer to the experience
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The game features a series of lands with impossible geometry
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Each level has its own stylised look

Monument Valley 2 is available for $4.99/£4.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.