Is this the wildest typeface ever?

(Image credit: Pentagram)

Pentagram has designed a new type tool, which allows you to create typography inspired by mushrooms. Yes, you did read that right. Hypha is a digital tool, which grows letters by "stimulating the mycelium growth found in fungi". We're constantly saying how your use of typography belies your personality, and this one will have you down as a real fun-guy. (Sorry.)

In all seriousness, though the concept sounds exceedingly strange, the result is utterly beautiful. Based on the growth patterns of fungi, when you enter the characters they grow into unique shapes. This is certainly wilder than anything found in our list of free fonts.


Use a sliding scale to customise the lettering (Image credit: Pentagram)

Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell from Pentagram teamed up with tech-led design specialists Counterpoint Studio to work on an exhibition called Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi, at Somerset House this year, the tool creates typography that's totally customisable. Users enter a word and then use a sliding scale to set the extremity of the growth – from 'regular' through 'a little wild' to 'overgrown. Watch as the typography grows from nothing into the word you've entered.

There's also the option to play with the lettering's size and colour, plus appearance of the surface and density of growth patterns on the lettering. You can have a go here. And if you would like to explore even more advanced capabilities, try uploading a 3D mesh to see what else you can grow. (Try our list of top free 3D models.)


Try using a 3D mesh to make a mushroomy object (Image credit: Pentagram)

The final effects are some of the most unusual pieces of typography art we've ever seen. But they're beautiful too, with the neon colouring evoking a hyper-modern feel as well as being wild and natural. 

If this has whet your appetite for some more unusual lettering, have a look at Malika Favre's Kama Sutra alphabet – a gloriously sensual take on typography.

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