Pro artists help you power up your comic skills in the latest issue of ImagineFX

Comics are big business, and if you want to make your mark in the industry then you need to have the core skills in your toolset. In the latest issue of ImagineFX the team asked pro artists to give their tips to help you take your sequential art skills to the next level, covering line-art, flatting and colouring, and panel design. 

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And what a roster of pro artists they have lined up for you to learn from. There’s Wonder Woman artist Bilquis Evely, whose realistic take on the character appears on the magazine's cover. World of Tanks comic artist PJ Holden explains his panelling techniques for his own IP, and Liam Sharp’s detailed line art for a Wonder Woman panel gets coloured by Laura Martin – it’s a fascinating process. 

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Elsewhere, the team caught up with Jock, a giant of the comic world who’s also taken big strides into the film industry. You can also check out the sketchbooks of Marvel and DC artists Mark Brooks and Joverine, and chart how heroes with unusual backgrounds and usual walks of life are making their long-overdue mark on today’s comic pages. 

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Clifford Hope

Cliff has been working in publishing for more years than he cares to remember. His sub-editing skills have been put to good use on academic, computing, creative and motoring publications, including ImagineFX, Computer Arts, Paint & Draw, Linux Format and Total 911. He particularly admires the work of concept artists such as Doug Chiang, Matt Allsopp and Christian Alzmann, who have shaped the look of Star Wars films and series such as The Mandalorian, Rogue One and The Force Awakens. Even The Phantom Menace's leaden script can't detract from its imaginative visuals!