This viral Procreate brush hack might just change your life

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Procreate is one of the best apps on the market for digital art, and it seems that every time we log into TikTok there is a brand new tip or trick for the iPad-based software. This time, one user has shared a new Procreate brush hack – and artists are calling it "life-changing." (Quite a bold claim, but then Procreate users do love a good brush). 

With over 165,000 views already, the video talks through steps of how to create an outline brush using Procreate's innovative settings. By simply combining two brushes of your choice, setting the Combine mode to 'difference', and then increasing the size in properties you can have your very own outline brush. One of the reasons we love Procreate so much is because it's so versatile and full of hidden hacks, meaning that we creatives have so much freedom with it – that's why we've added it to our list of the best digital art software of 2022. 


♬ original sound - Shane ✨ Crow

The brush is perfect for lettering (as well as drawing, er, springs – see below). Because of Procreate's build-your-own brush settings, it also means that you can create your outline brush with any texture you like, whether that's your favourite pencil or even an organic brush, although we're not sure how you would use an outline grass brush, perhaps for a seriously cartoonish lawn.  

The video has racked up over 26,500 likes, and hundreds of comments, with TikTok users thanking Crowfelli for sharing the hack, and some adding their thoughts on how they'd use the brush. One user commented, "this would be perfect for drawing ringlets if you gave it a flatter tip," and another said, " This will make tails and details easier". Many expressed how the hack is a "game-changer," and we have to agree – we'll be adding this to our collection immediately. 


♬ original sound - Shane ✨ Crow

We know you're probably itching to get to your iPad and add the brush to your library straight away, but if you haven't got your hands on the app yet, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best iPad deals and get downloading. Or if you're on the hunt for some more brushes to add to the collection, then you'll love our list of the best Procreate brushes

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