Woah, Sony's PS5 graphics just got even better

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If you're part of the 0.0000000001% of the population that has managed to get hold of a PS5, you'll know that the console is capable of producing some pretty impressive graphics. But if you suspected we hadn't yet seen the best of the PS5, you'd be right.

A new firmware update for the PS5 could be great news for anyone rocking one of the best 4K monitors. The update provides support for 1440p resolution, which is ideal for those gaming on a PC monitor. You'll want this too, as the new DualSense Edge controller may be ugly, but it's a pro pad that will make use of any new graphics boost. (Feeling lucky? Check out the latest PS5 restock news.)

Sony's not one to stay still when it comes to new PS5 designs, its recent Gray Camouflage Collection has met with a mixed response from fans.

Best TV for PS5

The update will look stunning on PC monitors (Image credit: YELIM LEE via Getty Images)

As reported by EuroGamer, 1440p is the "sweet spot in terms of price, quality, features and performance," making it one of the most mainstream options for gamers. So the PS5 has now been optimized for one of the most popular resolutions among PC gamers.

And the new compatibility won't affect performance. It's simply the resolution output that is tweaked for 1440p – the actual 3D rendering resolution remains the same, so "so performance will be the same as 4K."

This isn't the first graphical update that PS5 gamers have been able to enjoy in 2022. Back in April, Sony added Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which offers smoother and crisper visuals as the refresh rate syncs dynamically. 

Indeed, we've seen some incredible visual courtesy of Sony's PS5 in recent months, with the Unreal 5 engine promising previously unreached heights of visual fidelity. Meanwhile, games like Horizon Forbidden West are sparking unexpected debates about, er, facial hair. Still, it's not all beautiful – the less said about the people in Gran Turismo 7, the better.

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