Want the PS VR2 at launch? This could be your best chance

PSVR 2 registration
(Image credit: Sony)

The PS VR 2 (widely known on the internet as PSVR2) is shrouded in mystery right now. Sony has teased exciting details on its new VR gaming headset, which is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 this year, including some impressive specs and an exciting new PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. But gamers have been left wondering what the new headset will look like, when it's due to launch and when they can pre-order one. You can find everything you need to know so far about the hardware in our guide to the PS VR2.

As a follow up to Sony's hugely successful PS VR headset, it seems likely that PS VR2 pre-orders will sell out fast. If you're a PS5 owner with your heart set on getting the new VR headset at launch, you can now register for news and updates with your PlayStation Network account on the official PlayStation website.


Sony previously unveiled its PlayStation VR2 Sense controller (Image credit: Sony)

As well as pre-order information, registering will also get you the latest PS VR2 news, game announcements and release dates. It's no guarantee you'll get your hands on the exciting next-gen VR headset at launch, but you'll be the first to know when you can pre-order, so it could be your best chance.

PlayStations new webpage promises "a huge generational leap forward" for VR gaming with the new headset and teases stunning 4K HDR visuals, immersive PlayStation VR2 Sense technology, a 110-degree field of view, enhanced comfort and dynamic audio. It's safe to say the PS VR2 could be a real game-changer in the world of VR gaming.


The PS VR2 is expected to release in time for Christmas 2022 (Image credit: Sony)

Of course, you'll need a PlayStation 5 to actually use the PS VR2 on. If you, like many others, have found Sony's latest console elusive you can stay up to date on restock news and prices with our PS5 restock guide. If you don't fancy waiting for PS VR2 or want something you can use with your PC gaming setup you can find the best deals on VR headsets below.

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