Designer gives your favourite logos a joyful retro makeover

Retro logos
(Image credit: Rafael Serra)

Design trends come and go, with most new logo and branding projects demonstrating what's hot in the current era. But we love a design flashback, too, so we were overjoyed by this stunning concept project, which redesigns contemporary logos in a vibrant retro style. 

Encompassing big names from Netflix to Polaroid and Google to CocaCola, this project cleverly tweaks and builds on current logo designs. It preserves key elements for recognisability, but adds extra elements and supercharges the colour palettes to evoke a retro feel. In short, it serves as some incredible logo design inspiration. See the collection below.

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The retro logos were created by Rafael Serra (opens in new tab), a type designer and lettering artist. Flick through the below post to see them up close, and check out his Behance page (opens in new tab) to see more of his work.

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Which one is your favourite? It's super-hard to pick but we love the styling of his version of the Microsoft Windows logo, which looks quite at home next to Microsoft's actual retro logos, recently released by the tech company. High praise indeed as that logo flashback went so far as to remind us of why we love graphic design. 

If you're inspired to make your own, you might want to check out these Illustrator tutorials, or our list of the best laptops for graphic design.

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