Fictional homes reimagined by famous artists will inspire you to make your own

Famous fictional homes can become as familiar to us as the characters who inhabit them, creating a rich backdrop for the worlds we see onscreen. And homes have been crucial in the work of iconic artists, too, from Van Gogh's bedroom to Tracey Emin's bed. But what would happen if those two concepts collided? 

Well, wonder no more, as a design project has arrived to answer that question. Entitled Fictional Homes Through the Eyes of Famous Artists, this series of digital art matches an iconic artist with a fictional home, reimagining homes from the Friends apartment to The Simpson's abode and transforming them into the style of artists like Frieda Kahlo and David Hockney. Check out our favourites below – we think they will make you want to create your own (perhaps using one of the best drawing tablets around).

Fictional homes

(Image credit: Build World)

Monica and Rachel's apartment looks pretty amped up when seen through the eyes of Frieda Kahlo. The colours have been supercharged, including the addition of the exact blue from Frieda Kahlo's actual home. We're not sure Monica would be onboard with all that foliage (it would be super-hard to clean).

Fictional homes

(Image credit: Build World)

The Weasley's home (from Harry Potter, natch) looks pretty different when imagined by David Hockney (but perhaps not as controversial as his recent work for London Underground). No longer rundown or aged, the house has clean lines and bright blue sky. Is it still as magical?

Fictional homes

(Image credit: Build World)

And Bob Ross' 'wet-on-wet' painting style has transformed The Simpsons' family home – with enhanced landscape (including Ross' iconic tree style), overlapping textures and brightness.

These works were created by the team at DIY website Buildworld – you can check out the rest of the project here. To create the works in each artist's style, colour palette, and aesthetic, they used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Feeling inspired to take on your own famous home? Sign up to Adobe Creative Cloud (get the best Creative Cloud discounts on our dedicated page) or see the deals we've found below.

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