Smart notebook has endlessly reusable pages for your ideas

The ways in which we record ideas have certainly changed a lot over the years. From painting messages on cave walls to drawing pencil sketches in a thread bound Moleskine, our note-taking methods are always evolving to keep up with our technological advances. To help make good old paper journals fit for the digital age, Rocketbook have created a new smart notebook that saves your ideas to the cloud and has endless reusable potential.

It might look and feel like a traditional notebook, but there's more to the Everlast notebook than meets the eye. Thanks to pages made from a synthetic polyester blend, users can write notes with any Pilot Frixion pen without fear of smudging. And because the notebook is compatible with the free Rocketbook app, you can take pictures of each page and save them to the cloud destination of your choice.

One Everlast notebook can contain lots of different projects

One Everlast notebook can contain lots of different projects

The Everlast notebook is a step up from the company's last smart journal, the Rocketbook Wave. That journal had to be microwaved to clear any notes from its pages, but with the Everlast notebook you can simply wipe off your work with a damp cloth or tissue.

This doesn't mean the Everlast notebook feels like a whiteboard. In fact the pages feel just like you're working on regular paper with a smooth finish. Thanks to the unique wipe clean pages, you can use the Everlast notebook for a variety of projects without fear of filling it up. If you save your notes and clear them regularly, it might even be the only notebook you'll ever need.

The pages can be easily wiped clean

The pages can be easily wiped clean

Digital captures of your pages can be assigned to specific destinations simply by putting a cross through a symbol at the foot of the page. Simply assign a folder or location for each symbol and when you photograph the notes they'll automatically get sent.

Complete with QR code page numbers to keep your work in order, plus an image enhancer in the app that makes sure your ideas as crisp on the screen as they are on the page, the Everlast notebook looks set to be the next evolutionary step for journals. To get your hands on one, head over the Rocketbook Kickstarter page and make a pledge of $34 to grab an Everlast notebook and Frixion pen.

Different pages can be assigned individual digital destinations

Different pages can be assigned individual digital destinations

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