New poster for Diana biopic Spencer is utterly beautiful

An image of a woman in a wedding dress facing away from the camera, seemingly upset.
(Image credit: Shoebox Films)

This week the internet was graced by the arrival of the poster for the much-anticipated biopic, Spencer. Directed by Pablo Larraín, the movie stars Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana and if this beautiful poster is anything to go by, it's going to be far from sunshine and rainbows.

Alongside the teaser trailer, the poster suggests that we will be given insight into Lady Diana's troubled relationship with fame, Prince Charles and the Royal Family. This beautiful, perfectly simplistic poster makes use of negative space and draws your attention to the vulnerability and emotion of the character without even showing her face. It could even be a contender for our list of best print ads.

The movie poster for Spencer. The poster features a woman crying into a large cream dress.

Kristen Steward will be playing Lady Diana in the up-coming biopic  (Image credit: NEON)

With the recent resurgence in interest of the Charles/Camilla/Diana scandal (thanks, of course, to Netflix's The Crown), Lady Diana has been dominating the Royal Family-related media once again – and as a result, has gathered newer, younger fans who sympathise for the late princess. Many have reacted strongly to the release of this poster, praising the striking composition: 

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simple_beautiful_movie_poster_for_pablo_larra%C3%ADns from r/DesignPorn
kristen_stewart_as_princess_diana_on_the_new from r/TheCrownNetflix

While the movie is to tackle a serious topic, the internet was (as the internet always is) quick to make light of the poster. Some have compared the poster to Jennifer Lawrence's epic fall at the Oscars – and to be honest, we totally see it.

a comparison between the Spencer movie post and Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs at the Oscars.

J Law's iconic fall at the Oscar's looks very similar to the Spencer poster.  (Image credit: Neon/Kevin Winter)

With the soft lighting partnered with such a stark black background, we can't help but think that the poster may be alluding to some classic paintings. Potentially drawing off the archaic concept of 'the fallen woman' or an innocence corrupted by a cruel society, this poster arguably wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery. 

With the theme of marriage and loss, Frederick William Elwel's 'The Wedding Dress' bears a resemblance to the Spencer poster. The painting depicts a young woman facing away from the viewer next to her wedding dress, crying into her arm. When comparing both the body positions and linking to the theme of marriage and loss, we wonder if the designers were using this painting as inspiration for the poster. 

Painting of Queen Victoria in black crying into a storage box.

Frederick William Elwel's 'The Wedding Dress' has similarities to the Spencer movie poster.  (Image credit: Frederick William Elwel)

Despite its minimalistic approach, this poster has been causing maximal impact online (much like the recent Dune poster) and we look forward to seeing the film. If you're inspired by this poster, then make sure to check out our post about the best negative space examples for tips on how to use it in your own work.

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