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People are absolutely loving the new Dune movie poster

Denis Villeneuve's upcoming Dune film has had a bit of a bumpy ride (insert joke about riding over a sand dune). Not only has it faced countless delays thanks the the 'C' word, but its graphic design has taken some flak – mainly because the logo appears to read 'DUNC'. But if this stunning new poster is anything to go by, things are looking up for the sci-fi adventure. 

Released to announce that a new IMAX trailer is dropping next week (a poster for a trailer – what a time to be alive!), the minimal poster makes brilliant use of negative space to create the effect of both a large, dark planet, and a sand dune. Like many of the best print ads, this one is both simple and effective. 

Dune poster

The poster is going down well online (Image credit: Warner Bros)

The beautifully simple poster is going down a (sand)storm online, with Twitter and Reddit users loving the minimal look. "Damn. That's a nice poster," one Redditor comments, while another adds, "The dark area is what sells it. I see it as both a dune and a planet. Stunning."

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But for some users, there's just one problem: that logo. The Dune title treatment was mercilessly mocked when it emerged last year, and for every comment proclaiming the new poster to be beautiful or gorgeous, there's another that simply reads, "DUNC". Yep, people still can't unsee it, even though the designers have tried to fix it with the addition of some tactical lens flare. No wonder some are keen to remove it from the poster:

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From these brilliant abstract McDonalds ads to that viral Black Mirror billboard, we've seen no shortage of impressive posters over the last few months – and now we can add another to the list. If you're inspired to create a poster of your own, check out today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below.

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