The internet has chosen its favourite Spider-Man logo

If you're still yet to see Spider-Man: No Way Home, then look away now because I'm about to spoil the most well-known secret in cinema history. In the newest Spider-Man movie all three of the live-action Spider-Men come together to defeat evil. Having all three of the heroes in one film has sparked a lot of discussion about which is the best recently, and today the internet has been debating the Spideys' logos. 

A user on Twitter shared a photo of all eight of the Spider-Man logos throughout time and asked fans which were their favourite. The post has led to 'Spider-Man 2' trending as fans have started debating which is the best logo in the lineup. If you wanted to catch up on all the Marvel movies then just head over to our guide on how to sign up to Disney Plus and get binging. 

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The tweet was shared by user TOAA_Shill_ and has racked up well over 44,200 likes (and counting). The logos are each taken from the main suit in each of the Spider-Man movies, starting with Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man in 2002 all the way to Tom Holland's No Way Home look. 

With all that online attention, the photo has gathered up plenty of comments from fans. One user commented, "The Spider-Man 2 logo is tattooed on my shoulder," and another said, "I can see why this made Spider-Man 2 trend. It’s the best logo by far". While the Spider-man 2 design is being showered with compliments, the other logos are taking a little bit of a beating. One user ruthlessly replied, "Homecoming and Far From Home don’t even look like a damn spider," and another responded, "Why's TASM2 [The Amazing Spider-Man 2] so long, wtf?"

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I personally agree with the majority and think that the Spider-Man 2 logo is the best design out of the eight with its neat and gothic feel spider. I have to admit though, I am probably a little biased seeing as Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man was the one I grew up watching, so the older logos are very nostalgic. However, I do also love TASM1 design with its spookily long legs and its detailing. To me, the newest Spider-Man logos (the three along the bottom) look more like ticks than spiders. 

All this talk about Spider-Man has us planning a long weekend of binge-watching the movies back-to-back. If you fancy doing the same thing but were hoping to upgrade your viewing setup beforehand, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best TVs. Or if you'd rather have a go at creating your own spidey-themed logo, then have a look at our guide on how to design a logo.

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