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Check out how the Nintendo Switch OLED compares with the original

A photo of the Switch OLED.
(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you've spent any time on the internet recently, the likelihood is you've stumbled across a discussion about the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch OLED. The Switch OLED hasn't been released yet, but one YouTuber posted some exclusive footage of the console and it looks super cool. 

The Switch OLED is a revamped version of the original Nintendo Switch. The OLED Switch will have a number of new features such as a larger and brighter screen, as well as a new white finish. The YouTube video shows a user unboxing the Switch OLED, then comparing the console to the original Nintendo Switch. If you haven't got your hands on a Switch yet, then check out our best Nintendo deals

If you skip to 5:37 in the video, you can see a comparison between the two consoles as they both play footage from Mario Kart. It's obvious that the Switch OLED is bigger with a 102 x 242mm screen compared to the original Switch's 102 x 239mm screen size. The Switch OLED is also noticeably brighter, with far more vibrant colours and a crisper image. 

When looking at Nintendo's website, it lists a number of new features such as a wider, more adjustable stand, LAN port and enhanced speakers. The new Switch will also come in a sleek new white colour, which we absolutely love. The new Switch OLED is available to pre-order for October 8 but will cost $349.99, which is an extra $50 more than the Original Switch. But with rumours about a Switch Pro in the works, is it worth upgrading to the Switch OLED or waiting to see if the Nintendo will finally drop a Switch Pro? 

A comparison between the Switch OLED and original Switch.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is considerably more vibrant than the Switch original (Image credit: Nintendo Prime)

Overall, the response to the Switch OLED has been overwhelmingly positive with users on Reddit and Twitter expressing their excitement for the newest member of the Switch family. While most users said that they couldn't wait for the Switch, some criticised the fact that Nintendo hasn't attempted to fix the issues with the JoyCons or increased the CPU.

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We only have to wait until next Friday to get our hands on the Switch OLED, but in the meantime, why not stock up on the best Nintendo Switch games? Or if you're still unsure whether a Switch is for you, then check out our Nintendo Switch Review.

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