Bizarre moment in Nintendo's OLED Switch ad baffles social media

Nintendo Switch OLED model
(Image credit: Nintendo)

When Nintendo announced the new Switch OLED model earlier this week, fans were a little baffled. Many were expecting the much-rumoured "Pro" model with vastly improved specs, but instead we got basically the same thing, albeit with a brighter display. But perhaps even stranger than the new console is one hilarious detail from Nintendo's reveal video.

Naturally, the ad shows various beautiful people enjoying the Switch in all manner of aspirational settings (beside pools, in stunning kitchens, you get the idea). And then there's the man who decides to play Pokemon on a wooden bench in his hallway. If you don't fancy the couch, at least try one of the best office chairs, mate. 


Looks comfortable (Image credit: Nintendo)

Now, we're not ones to judge anyone's gaming habits. But we are going to judge this man's. Is there nowhere else to play in his house? No seat more comfortable? No position less... angular? Does he have a living room? Is he allowed in there? If not, why not? What did he do? What was his crime?

Of course, Twitter is (as Twitter does) making its feelings known about Hallway Man. The scene has been branded 'absurd', 'bizarre' and every other synonym for 'downright weird' you can think of: 

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One thing's for sure: this is a man who clearly isn't disappointed with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Unfortunately, there are plenty who are – from 4K output to a new chip, there are tons of rumoured "Pro" features that failed to make their way to the new Switch. But hey, we got a new plastic kickstand, so, swings and roundabouts. 

If a brighter OLED display doesn't matter too much to you, rather than waiting until October, we'd recommend checking out the best Nintendo Switch deals available right now. And if those deals aren't for you, you'll find more offers below.

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