Tesla Cybertruck faces yet ANOTHER roadblock

Cybertruck toy
(Image credit: Mattel Inc.)

It's been a rollercoaster of a year for Cybertruck fans, who have had to contend with design alteration rumours and delays to the release date. And now, super-fans are going to have to deal with yet another stumbling block – a delay to the release of the Hot Wheels toy. It seems the radio-controlled mini-Tesla Cybertruck won't be screeching into stores anytime soon as there have been "unforseen production issues" – pushing the release date from February to May 2021. 

Mattel hasn't yet given details of the reasons behind the five-month delay, with an email to customers (see it below) citing merely "production issues". But, given the well-documented problems with the not-so-road-legal grown-up version (which wound up with a significant redesign), we wouldn't be surprised if Mattel has had trouble keeping up with what a replicate toy is actually supposed to look like. While you wait to find out, why not try making your own version with 3D modelling software?

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We called the model Cybertruck a toy, but that isn't really doing it justice. It will actually be a perfectly scaled-down replica, which comes in two sizes and types (both of which sold out after pre-orders). First comes a 1:64 scale model for a mere $20 (a bargain), but the second model is where the excitement lies. It's a 1:10 scale model that's radio-controlled, purportedly totally off-roadable, and it'll set you back $400. Not cheap but it does sound pretty impressive. And at least that version will fit in your garage.


The toy Cybertruck comes in two sizes... but you'll have to wait (Image credit: Mattel)

Tesla has even poked fun at the window-shattering beginning to the Cybertruck's journey, with the bigger version of the truck boasting shattered glass stickers for the windows. Don't remember that launch? See it below.

Responses on Twitter have been apt, with many noting the appropriateness of a Tesla-related product being delayed (something Tesla is famous for):

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Although those keenly awaiting the release of the toy and real Cybertrucks will undoubtedly be disappointed by the delays, we are pretty happy there's more to read about about the ongoing Cybertruck saga. If you've missed the twists and turns, you can check out the details of the Cybertruck's redesign here, and why not remind yourself of Lego's take on the situation?

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