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Lego has the final word on Tesla's Cybertruck

Lego Cybertruck
(Image credit: Tesla)

It's probably safe to say that Tesla's Cybertruck launch didn't go quite as smoothly as one might have hoped. Not only did Elon Musk unveil an electric pickup truck that looked like he'd been shown a very early piece of low-poly 3D art by his designers and thought, 'yeah, that'll do', but the demonstration of the 'armor glass' in the windows resulted in two broken windows after having a heavy ball bearing flung at them. Awkward. We should have known we were gearing up for disaster from the moment we saw the painfully '90s Cybertruck logo.

Naturally the internet's been queueing up to give its Cybertruck reactions. Plenty of people are more than happy to poke fun at it, while others seem delighted that they'll soon be able to get their hands on a vehicle that looks like it's straight out of a low-budget straight-to-VHS '80s sci-fi movie. And who can blame them.

However, our favourite takedown comes from Lego – or rather the Facebook account of its Australian arm. Those straight-talking Aussies have created their own take on the Cybertruck, and it's both gloriously minimal and savagely on the nose. Announcing that the evolution of the truck is here, they revealed this:

Lego Cybertruck

Me. Ow. (Image credit: Tesla)

Absolutely beautiful. Lego also notes that it's guaranteed shatterproof. Utterly brutal. And the fantastic thing about it is that it looks fairly easy to build yourself; you could knock out an entire fleet of them in the time it would take you build one of the gun pods on a Lego Millennium Falcon (that said, you can get 15 per cent off it right now).

Lego Cybertruck

This Lego version's a lot more visually interesting than the actual Cybertruck (Image credit: Peter Blackert)

Of course, someone's already made a (more accurate) Lego replica of the Cybertruck – step forward Peter Blackert, whose thing very much seems to be recreating notable cars in Lego. His Flickr account is a treasure trove of Lego vehicles, and his most recent efforts have been Cybertruck-based. Not only has he done a straight replica, emulating the Cybertruck's striking stainless steel body, but he's also built a more colourful version in blue, with red wheel rims and tinted yellow glass. Much easier on the eye, we reckon.

If you're keen to make your own Lego Cybertruck there are plenty of great Lego Black Friday deals at the moment; grab yourself a bargain and see what you can build.

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