Tinder reveals new app logo

The "location-based social search mobile app" (cough – hookup facilitator – cough) Tinder has launched a new logo that gives typography the boot. Distinctively coloured with shades of orange and red, the new flame logo comes hot on the heels of a new look for Tinder, both in terms of branding and navigation.

Getting rid of the name is a sign of Tinder's status as a brand. No longer will it be held back by pesky words, as instead it can let a single gradient-coloured flame do the talking. 

Check out how the old and new logos compare by – appropriately – swiping left and right in the gallery below. (Sorry desktop users, you'll have to click.)

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The old logo was a single colour affair
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The new logo mixes things up with a sultry gradient

Whereas the old logo dotted its 'i' with a version of the flame logo, the new design lets the icon take centre stage. On top of a new colour scheme that follows the colour gradient trend, the new flame is rounder than the previous iteration.

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