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US Space Force reveals new logo (and gets roasted AGAIN)

The United States Space Force hasn't had the smoothest of take-offs when it comes to graphic design. Its first logo was mercilessly mocked for resembling Star Trek's, then Netflix's Space Force show nabbed the trademark rights from right under its nose. The US Space Force has now revealed a brand new logo – but judging by the response online, its woes are far from over.

The new logo was revealed yesterday on Twitter, along with a new motto: "Semper supra" (which means 'always above'). The new logo features a triangular delta, adorned with various details related to space (more on those below). But one of the main qualities of our best logos is that they can't be mistaken for anything else – and Twitter users thinks the new US Space Force logo looks very, very familiar. 

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Just like the agency's first logo (which the agency is now calling a 'seal', by the way), many are seeing this new symbol as a Star Trek rip-off – only more-so this time. Indeed, the triangular shape containing a star is very reminiscent of the fictional Starfleet's insignia (below). With the Netflix trademark rights debacle and this new round of online roasting, it seems the US Space Force design team can't catch a break. 

Star Trek and Space Force logo

The Star Trek logo (left) and Space Force logo (right) (Image credit: Star Trek/US Space Force/Future Owns)
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As though pre-empting the accusations of plagiarism, the US Space Force account tweeted a series of explanations for why it's definitely not the Star Trek logo. The silver border is said to represent "protection from all adversaries," while the star symbolises the north star, Polaris. The two spires inside the delta represents "the action of a rocket launching into the outer atmosphere".

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Despite the explanations, it's hard not to wonder why the US Space Force has launched a second logo that looks even more like Star Trek's, particularly with the addition of the star. Not only that, but said star has opened the logo up to a second comparison – many Twitter users are also suggesting it resembles that of car brand Pontiac (above). Next time the the US government finds itself in need of inspiration, we'd recommend checking out our logo design guide. 

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