You can now buy Airpod 'carrying straps' – what a time to be alive

Apple Airpods - Carry strap
(Image credit: Nordstrom)

You've just got your hands on a pair of cool white Apple AirPods and you are the envy of your friends. No wires to negotiate, nothing to get tangled in your clothing, just a simple slip-in-your ear experience. Yeah, you know you are looking pretty fly. 

These bad boys are not cheap, but if you want a pair to join the 'cool crew' then check out the latest  we could find. You can save yourself a pretty penny and laugh at those less fortunates with their wired headphones.  

So you've got the coolest headphones on the planet, and – even if you managed to snap up an Apple Airpods deal, chances are you've shelled out a not-insubstantial amount for them. What accessory could you possibly want? How about some carry straps to make sure that you don't lose them? This is exactly what the retailer Nordstrom is selling for a mere $60 (don't worry, shipping is free). 

That's right, we've now come full circle, and people are paying extra to turn their expensive wireless earbuds, which are expensive because they're wireless, back into tethered headphones. Amazing. 

But maybe we are wrong. When we looked at the Nordstrom site, it said 420 people were viewing the AirPods carry straps. Surely out of curiosity? Surely they weren't really going to buy them? Even with the free shipping. 

Of course we are not wrong, and it seems that the interweb agrees with us. Tech investment banker Ellie Frost, summed up the additional cost nicely. 

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We will not be buying any of these delightful carry straps any time soon, but how well will they sell? Is it a clever marketing ploy from the people at Nordstrom? Or do they simply think they are providing a much-needed product? Whatever the reason we can guarantee that this is the kind of publicity they couldn't buy. But what we are looking most looking forward to is seeing someone walking down the street with their Apple AirPods neatly connected to a set of carry straps. 

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