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Old Spice website helps you get a new job

mr wolfdog

Grab your career advice from Mr. Wolfdog and Old Spice

Not sure what to do for your next career move? Fear not! Perhaps interactive interview trainer Mr Wolfdog over on Teach Me To Job can help you out. Part of Old Spice's online activity, and created by Mini Vegas, the site is part of a larger campaign for Old Spice in which Mr Wolfdog was hired to be the spokesperson and chief marketing officer to promote its new line of wild scents.

"The base of the website is a one-take shoot that we conducted with an actor and some carefully choreographed distractions," reveals Dominic Bernacchi, executive producer at Mini Vegas. "After we had the video content, we built a website around the actions. Shortly after launching this website, Mr Wolfdog called out to his fans for a real interview and we conducted a variety of interviews via Google Hangouts," Bernacchi adds.

The technology behind this website uses a web camera to follow the user's eye and head motions, trying to determine any movements, so Flash was used because of its support for web cameras and cross-browser compatibility.

Visit Teach Me To Job to get your creative career advice.

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