Photographer gives the stars back to the cities

Thierry Cohen has been a professional photographer since 1985 and a pioneer in the use of digital techniques since the 1980s. Based in Paris, he now devotes much of his time to his own personal projects, which have included Binary Kids and Bugs.

Shanghai in the Darkened Cities series

At the start of 2010, Thierry took to the megacities and the deserts, to achieve his latest project 'Darkened Cities'. Here, he gives the stars back to the cities to raise public awareness of the problems and effects of light pollution.

The 'Darkened Cities' project features photographs of Los Angeles, Hong Kong, San Fransisco, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and more. It's amazing how beautiful Thierry has made the cityscapes simply by ridding them of artificial light.

Rio de Janeiro in the Darkened Cities series

You can see more photographs of the Darkened Cities project in this gallery, and Thierry plans to continue to photograph cities to raise awareness of light pollution. We can't wait to see more images!

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