How to earn money from your iPhone photos

Fotolia's Instant Collection lets you make money from your iPhone photos

Smartphone photography has come a long way. Now you can even make money from it. For instance, stock agency Fotolia's iOS app Fotolia Instant lets you shoot images and upload them to its image library, where other creatives can pay to download and use them.

To promote the app, Fotolia has now announced a global contest with a top prize of £3,750 for the best-selling Instant Collection image of 2014 taken using an iPhone. And that's not all. Every image accepted for the Instant Collection will instantly earn you £0.75 in the form of cashable credits until the end of April.

An Android version of the Instant App is already in beta mode and will be released soon. Android users will then be able to participate in a separate contest.

You can find out more about the contest here.

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