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Google Street View as you've never seen it before

Who knew you could create something this beautiful, using something as simple as Google Street View? Using hyper-lapse photography – a technique combining time-lapse and sweeping camera movements – Teehan+Lax's Labs have put together one of the most wonderful videos we've had the pleasure of watching.

Creating these kind of hyper-lapse videos requires a lot of patience and precision, so the team took to Google Street View as an aid; quickly discovering that it could be used as the source material. It worked so well, they designed a simple UI around their engine and released the Google Street View Hyperlapse.

You can create your own hyper-lapse video using the source code, which is available on Github. The site settings are purposely low for greater accessibility, which allows developers to play with higher frame rates, better image quality, and more complicated camera movements.

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