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Incredible photography shows ocean life in a new light

A master of composition and creating atmosphere, talented photographer Hengki Koentjoro portrays the sea and its inhabitants from a new perspective in his black and white underwater still life photography series. Scenes that would normally be bursting with colour are, instead, destaurated and dark, showing an eerie but beautiful side of the ocean.

Based in Jakarta, Koentjoro spends hours underwater armed with his digital SLR and flippers in order to capture this extoradinary imagery. The talented photographer's two main inspirations are the ocean itself and US photographer Ansel Adams. Known for his black and white landscape photography, Adams pioneered the Zone System technique, which heavily influences Koentjoro's gorgeous work.

Underwater photography is nothing new, but we just love the original and creative angle of Koentjoro's work. The imagery is breathtaking but, at the same time, slightly menacing. We particuarly like this brilliant capture that looks like a super-creepy smile...

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