Letterpress masks add touch of class to charity campaign

The 'performance' print is gold and red letterpressed on China White Colorplan (540gsm)

We've fallen in love with these gorgeous A6 letterpress prints, created by designer Jonny Wan for the 'Print for Good' initiative.

Run by The Lab, 'Print for Good' involves leading creatives producing limited one-off pieces within the realms of music, design and art to raise money for charity.

For his contribution, Wan decided to break away from creating one large image and instead create four different designs on four different paperstocks.

The 'fashion' print is gold and purple letterpressed on Pristine White Colorplan (540gsm)

The theme he chose was masks, and his designs represent the four main categories of mask - ritual, protection, performance and fashion - across varying time periods.

All revenues raised from the sales will go to Arthritis Research UK. You can find out more about Print for Good, how to get involved, and even buy one of the limited packs for yourself at the Print for Good site.

The stocks and print finishes were carefully chosen to reflect the nature of the masks

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