8 great letterpress printing resources

Letterpress may be the oldest form of printing but it remains one of the hottest trends in stationery. A favourite method of printing for many designers, letterpress designs still have the ability to turn heads. With this in mind, we've picked five online resources that will really help you get to grips with it.

01. Letterpress Commons

letterpress resources

All the content is free on Letterpress Commons website

Letterpress Commons is a fantastic letterpress resource that provides an all-round insight into the techniques, inspirations and tutorials on the design discipline. All content is free and created by the letterpress community - that means you! So it's a great site for chatting with other creatives and getting involved with all things letterpress.

02. The Beauty of Letterpress

letterpress resources

The Beauty of Letterpress showcases the finest letterpress work on offer today

The Beauty of Letterpress is brought to you by Neenah Paper featuring Crane Papers as an online resource and showcase, which includes the best and most innovative letterpress work in the industry today. There's a newsletter you can also sign up to, that provides a load of inspiration, techniques and tips.

03. Letterpress Daily

letterpress resources

David Wolkse started this letterpress blog to showcase his love for the design

David Wolkse began letterpress printing in 2002 while attending the graduate program in graphic design at Indiana University, Bloomington. He was immediately smitten and it wasn’t long before he began collecting printing equipment and wood type. He started this blog to document his continually expanding collection.

04. Pressing Letters

Check out cool blog Pressing Letters for brilliant examples of letterpress design

Pressing letters is a brilliant blog, dedicated to promoting creativity in the letterpress community. The site is clean, well organised and very easy to navigate, organised into categories of different stationary and other topics. Designers can submit letterpress work, references links or anything else beneficial to others.

05. Pinterest

Browse through hundreds of gorgeous letterpress designs on Pinterest

An obvious choice, we know, but Pinterest really is a great source of inspiration for awesome letterpress designs. There's literally hundreds of examples for you to feast your eyes on, with many linking to the original source where you can find out more about the design and artist behind it.

06. We Love Letterpress

Check out We Love Letterpress to see artwork from print studios all over the world

We Love Letterpress is a brilliant site for printers and lovers of the print form alike. The site presents the work of print studios from all over the world, as well as letterpress events, books, projects and much more. There's also a selection of interview with different letterpress printers and artists, which is a nice touch.

07. Deeply Impressed

A relatively new site, Deeply Impressed is already a fantastic resource for both designers and printers

Deeply Impressed showcases gorgeous letterpress designs from the UK's finest companies. The site currently features a beautiful selection of projects to inspire you, all of which are accompanied with information about the designer behind them. Although a relatively new website, Deeply Impressed is already a fantastic resource and source of inspiration for creatives and printers alike.

08. Briar Press

Briar Press is full of historical and practical information on the art of letterpress printing

If you are passionate about letterpress printing then you probably already know about Briar Press, a site for letterpress printers and enthusiasts. It's not the easiest site to navigate but there are six main sections to choose from, which provide both historical and practical information on the art of letterpress printing.

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