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Designer project gives homeless people a future

Are you interested in buying a bespoke piece of furniture, developed to your exact specifications by some of London's leading designers? And at the same time create jobs for the homeless and be environmentally friendly?

This is exactly what The Living Furniture Project does. Based in a workshop off Brick Lane in London, this innovative scheme employs homeless people to make beautiful, bespoke furniture using recycled waste reclaimed from the local area as raw materials.

The project mission is simple: Designer furniture. Reclaimed materials. A Future for the homeless.

London designers

The innovative scheme means each piece of furniture is unique, the concepts developed by a range of London designers, who then teach homeless Apprentices to build the furniture in a fully equipped workshop.

Apprentices also work alongside a Mentor - a professional and experienced furniture maker who teaches them valuable skills, and ensures a beautiful, crafted final product.

For more details, visit The Living Furniture Project website.

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