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Monolithic bottle designs aim to bring people together

Totem fragrence bottle

Kenzo's new Totem fragrence has unisex appeal

With a product like perfume, it's difficult not to fall back on cliché design choices that are guaranteed to appeal to different genders and age groups. But the tiny totem poll bottles made for Kenzo fashion house aim to bring everyone together.

Designed and created by Japanese studio Nendo, these bottles will hold Kenzo Parfums' new Totem unisex fragrence.

Composed of different-shaped elements stacked into one unified tower, the totem poll symbolises how everyone is now connected through technology and globalisation.

"This simplistic and bold design is a highly symbol-oriented attempt to capture and blend the primal with the transnational; two defining essences of the generation at which this new fragrance is aimed," Nendo explains.

Made from dark purple glass with a neutral logo palette, browse the imges below to see how the totem's monolithic design will unite users.

Totem bottle

The bottles come in an equally neutral chevroned box

Totem bottle

The lid was designed to blend in with the bottle

Totem bottles

The Totem logo is written in neutral colours

Totem bottle boxes

Totem will be available in three fragrences

Totem bottle concept

This fun concept sketch shows how Nendo imagined people coming together

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