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Bad-taste bags put plastic carriers to shame

The millions of plastic bags used every year are having a significant impact on the environment - contributing to pollution, threatening wildlife and taking decades to break down in landfills. To discourage their use, design agency Mother London has developed a series of 'uncarriable' bags, featuring an assortment of objects - including various weapons, drug paraphernalia and sex toys - printed, X-ray style, on the bottom of the bright yellow designs.

This isn't the first time Mother has targeted the plastic bag as the object of its focus. Back in 2005, design agency Mother London created a range of carrier bags, which featured a series of embarrasing illustrations with headlines including 'Sperm clinic drop-in centre', 'Tourettes Syndrome' and 'Phil Collins Official Fan Club'.

This new series is a creative, tongue-in-cheek approach to discourage people from using plastic bags. However, there's a possibility they may not have the desired effect, and people may well want to get their hands on the tongue-in-cheek designs when they hit the streets!

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