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Cardboard chairs: the future of furniture

cardboard furniture

Could this be the saviour of environmentally friendly flat-pack furniture?

We're all familiar with flat-pack furniture that is (sometimes) easy to piece together but what most of us don't do is take it apart when moving house or office. That's where Chairigami come in - providing lightweight, flatpacking, recycable, and inexpensive products to fill the need for temporary yet durable furniture.

Aiming to rid easy-to-assemble furniture of nasty resins and glue, the company believe in producing recyclable furniture from renewable resources. Each piece of furniture is hand crafted from Triple Wall - a three-ply corrugated board made from 70 per cent recycled cardboard and 30 per cent FSC certified virgin fibre.

The range includes desks, chairs, dining tables and bookshelves. Environmentally friendly and easy to assemble, is Chairigami the new saviour of inexpensive furniture?

cardboard furniture

cardboard furniture

For more information, visti the Chairigami website.

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