How to turn your art into products: 6 pro tips to consider

Turning artwork into physical products can bring a whole new audience to your creative designs and ideas. But how do you go about turning something on paper or canvas into a mug or a t-shirt, and ensuring a high-quality finished result?

For this piece, I speak to two artist-illustrators with experience in creating projects from their artwork, and the studio manager of a printing company to give you some advice and help you avoid pitfalls along the way. If you’d like specific advice on producing t-shirts check out our pro tips for t-shirt designs, or read on for more general insight. Or see how to sell your work online for tips on the next step.

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Lauren John

Lauren John is a journalist, copywriter and creative, with a background in craft, and a growing list of creative hobbies. She’s had art and craft content published in an RSPB children’s magazine and on the Prima Website, also writing on outdoor photography for Reader’s Digest. Lauren enjoys working on content from all creative industries, flying the flag for musicians, bands, artists and authors, and shining a light on some of the issues they face.