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Skinny Ties smartens up its responsive site

Skinny Ties has been producing and selling neckties since 1971, and is now one of the largest retailers in the US. Pennsylvania-based designer Brendan Falkowski was asked to reinvent the brand’s identity and develop a future-friendly platform to ensure the continued success of the business.

With a design centred squarely around the range of ties, coupled with a performant and responsive implementation, it’s easy to browse and purchase products quickly on any device. "All interactive elements were built with touch-and-click usage in mind, which keeps the interface consistent and compact," says Falkowski.

Mousing over the main nav elements brings up large, image-based dropdowns

Mousing over the main nav elements brings up large, image-based dropdowns

The homepage is clean and focused, with the minimum of fuss (although mousing over the ties produces a fun little ripple effect). The numerous options involved in choosing your tie - the different colours, fabrics, patterns, etc - are all hidden away in large, image-led dropdown menus, which appear on mouseover of the main nav.

Revenue boost

It’s not surprising to learn that revenue has increased by 43.4% since the new site went live - increasing by an astonishing 377.6% on the iPhone alone. It just goes to show that responsive web design isn't just a 'cool' fad among web designers - it's increasingly a cold, hard business requirement for ecommerce websites.

Homepage requests/size: 56/663 kB mobile, 58/669 kB desktop

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