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GIF-iti: graffiti that moves

INSA animated graffiti

This moving street art was painted at The Projects Enmore in Sydney, Australia

Who says street art has to be a static art form? (And no, we don't mean like the Banksy thieves removing work from its urban environs to sell at auction...) The animated GIF you see above is the latest piece of 'GIF-iti' (get it?) from INSA.

INSA is a graffiti artist based in London, who has been creating street art and graffiti fonts since the 1990s and now has a massive following around the world. His world is described on his site as "one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide". He's designed for Kangol, Kid Robot, Nike and Oki-Ni, and started his own heel company INSA Heels.

The piece above was painted at The Projects Enmore (the Vic) in Sydney, Australia. INSA blindly animated the wall in four different stages over several days to achieve the graffiti font effect you see: quite an undertaking! He has also turned his animating aerosol to Newcastle's UNIT 44 gallery and collaborated with Stanley Donwood to GIF-iti the XL Records building in Los Angeles.

UNIT 44 Newcastle

XL Records Los Angeles

XL Records LA 2

You can see more of INSA's work and find out the latest about him on his blog.

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