Post-it note artwork aims to heal post-riot divisions

The peace wall started out as a few Post-it notes covering a broken window

Following last year's London riots, arts collective Garudio Studiage has created a "peace wall" in the south-east London area of Peckham.

The wall was inspired by a project that was originally started by the Peckham Shed Theatre Company. Members of the company created a Post-it note peace board that covered a broken window in the Rye Lane area of Peckham immediately after last year’s unrest.

It soon grew to cover seven hoardings, as thousands of members of the local community came to write notes and pledge their support.

Local council initiative funded the permanent peaceful addition to Peckham's streets

When the time came to repair the windows, locals were anxious not to lose the unique record that had been created. A consultation process began and Garudio Studiage was commissioned by local organisation Peckham Space to create a permanent peace wall, funded by Southwark Council’s Greener Cleaner Safer, awarded by Peckham & Nunhead Community Council.

The artwork is a positive statement of solidarity after the London riots in 2011

The new artwork comprises 4,000 original Post-it messages from local residents, as well from London Mayor Boris Johnson and local council leaders. Each of them was digitally hand-traced by creatives at Garudio Studiage alongside young people from the Peckham area.

The original notes are readable on the new peace wall, and in addition there are blank notes on which new comments can be made. The new permanent artwork is a testament to the people of Peckham, and a reminder of the love that grew in the wake of last year’s troubles.

This showcase was originally published in Computer Arts issue 206.

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