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The 10 commandments of typography

10 commandments of typography

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There are a few typography rules and terms that every designer must know but before you master the skill of choosing and designing that perfect font, you can find yourself a little lost. This infographic from Evan Brown at DesignMantic aims to save you those long scrolling hours and instead offer up some simple type-based commandments.

"Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation," he explains. "It's always good to know the few basic do’s and don’ts in order to save yourself the trouble of experimenting too many fonts on your design."

So whether you're a typography pro or a design newbie, this infographic is well worth checking out. You might learn something new to help ease those font-based woes and instead, help you to get on with your work.

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