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Delightful pictograms demystify the Chinese language

chinese typography

This typography illustrates "At sunrise, a young person went walking in the woods"

Learning a new language is always tough. Trying to master its written word can prove to be even more difficult. Taiwanese designer ShaoLan has set out to make your langauge-learning life easier with Chineasy - illustrated type that showcases what the symbol means.

"As the daughter of a calligrapher, some of my earliest and most treasured memories are of my mother showing me the beauty, shape and form of Chinese characters" she explains, "ever since then I have been deeply fascinated by the structure of this incredible language."

Allowing a non-Chinese reader to learn the written language by understanding their basic shape and meaning, you can then recognise a few groups of primary characters. Once you've mastered that, you can combine them and easily learn dozens of additional characters. By repeating this 'recognise and combine' process, a student can quickly learn several hundred characters in a surprisingly short time.





To see more letters and illustrations visit Chineasy.

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