Experiment with web fonts - without paying a penny

Typecast creates ready-to-go HTML and CSS so you can see how web fonts will look in practice

Belfast design firm Front has released Typecast, its browser-based web fonts app, in public beta. Typecast enables you to experiment with over 23,000 web fonts from Typekit, Fontdeck, Fonts.com and Google Fonts - even if you don't have an account with those services.

Front designer Chris Armstrong created this poster using the Typecast app

The app enables you to turn the fonts you selected into fully scaled, spaced, coloured and web-ready type systems of real content using simple visual controls.

The built-in CSS editor provides ready-to-go HTML and CSS, plus you can collate your document font choices into a style guide - handy for clients and when working in teams.

David Hughes used Typecast to create this good-looking menu

You're allowed to test your fonts outside of Typecast free for 30 days; after that you'll need to licence what you use.

Find out more about how the app works by watching this video:

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