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Font of the day: J Scott Campbell Lower

J Scott Campbell Lower font

Every day we choose a 'font of the day' from the best paid-for and free fonts we can find. You can search the site for our back catalogue or search the hashtag #CBfonts on Twitter. Now we're going to take a little ad break and below it you'll find today's selection!

J. Scott Campbell Lower by J Scott Campbell and John Roshell

If you're looking for a lowercase typeface for your next comic, look no further than J. Scott Campbell Lower. Published by Comicraft, here's the team's description of the playful design: 'Lowercase lettering is so-called because the characters that we know as lowercase were once kept in the bottom, shallow drawers of a type compositor's typecase.

'Not a lot of people know that, and we suspect superstar artist and Fairytale Fantasies calendar creator, J. Scott Campbell doesn't either – because even though we looked high and low, in every single one of his drawers, we still could not find a single example of Campbell ever writing in lowercase. But we begged him, we pleaded with him and, eventually we hyponotised him – and here's the font you'll find in J. Scott Campbell: Time Capsule from Image Comics! You're welcome'.

J. Scott Campbell Lower is available to purhcase over on MyFonts.

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