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Turn words into cats with this feline font generator

Cat font generator

Get creative with this cat font generator

We always like to have a bit of fun here at Creative Bloq. Combining typography with the internet's best friend, this cute font generator is the perfect break from the stresses of the working week.

The cat font generator, 'Neko Font', transforms any word you type into the box into a cat wonder. Although the site is Japanese based, the generator transforms English spellings with ease. The only characters the Neko font is unable to generate is 'B' and '#', as the makers have stated they are too difficult to create with just two cats.

Neko font site's cats

You can meet the cats that compile the words on the Neko font site

The cats that inspired this project are Raizo and Mondo, who have their very own character profiles on the site. So, how many hours will you spend on procrastinating on this font-lovers dream? Paws at the ready - we want to see the words you create!

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