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Stunning typographic tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

Director Alfred Hitchcock is responsible for some of the best-loved and most influential movies to ever grace our screens. An inspiration to many aspiring filmmakers, French title designer Jean-Baptiste Lefournier decided to create this short type-inspired tribute to the infamous director.

In the 80-second live-action movie montage, Lefournier gives Saul Bass a run for his money with his reinterpretation of the title sequences from some of Hitchcock's most celebrated films. The short includes tributes to The Birds, Spellbound, Psycho, Dial M for Murder and more, all accompanied by a chilling soundtrack created by Cyril Balta.

It's obvious Lefournier has spent much time on these reinterpretations, with fonts chosen carefully to ensure suitability. Each scene also has highly appropriate live-action environments, from the blood-splattered sink in Psycho to the simple building shot for Vertigo. But our favourite has got to be The Birds tribute, the scene and visual effects in which are particularly effective.

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