UK train station's secret symbols

If you're a regular user of public transport in London, there's every chance you've come across one of these circular graphic train station badges, created by UK-based design studio Lloyd Northover in the late 1990's.

Commissioned by Railtrack, the team at Lloyd Northover developed 14 icons, each had its own symbol referencing local architecture or the station name, the idea being that passengers could use them to easily identify their location.

However, since their release, use of the signs has waivered somewhat, meaning you may have to look hard to actually find them. But they remain a popular piece of UK railway design among transport fans. Illustrations include icons for Gatwick Airport, Edinburgh Castle, Victoria, King's Cross and Paddington Station. Which one is your favourite?


King's Cross

Charing Cross

Edinburgh Castle

Manchester Picadilly

Birmingham New Street

Glasgow Central



London Euston

Liverpool St

London Bridge


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