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Disney classics reimagined as 8-bit videogames

With the tag line 'truth and movies', independent magazine Little White Lies is known for both the quality of its writing and its unique and innovative approach to print design. The publication regularly sets design competitions and timed drawing sessions, and here they've set readers the task of designing a start screen for a fictional 8-bit Disney video game.

8-Bit interpretation of Flight of the Navigator

Josh Callaghan created this imaginary Flight of the Navigator start screen

The challenge was set in celebration of the UK release of Wreck-it Ralph with entries remaking such movies as Snow White, Tron, Up and Aladdin. It's clear that these entrants had a lot of fun completing the brief, and you can see the full roster of entries here.

The results have us pining for those old games consoles - and we can only dream someone from Disney will stumble upon these and make a start on them. We'd play each and every one in a heartbeat!

8-Bit interpretation of Bambi

This hilarious winning entry was created Jonathan Clapham

So, which is your favourite in the series? Which game would you like to play most? Be sure to let us know in the comments box below!

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