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Pacman with added physics? It's Not Pacman!

We all love a good game of Pacman here at Creative Bloq and we're sure that you do too. The legendary, retro game has been made over a thousand times before but this creation from game-makers Stabyourself is a fascinating one that puts the hungry little sprite in a whole new light. This one may be even more addictive than the first.

This mashup of the game puts Pacman and the ghosts in a Pacworld cage at the mercy of gravity - with the level's shape controlled solely by you. The game is still the same though, so be sure to avoid those pesky ghosts at all times!

The features of Not Pacman:

  • Pacman now moves absolutely realistically (because of the physics)
  • Intense pellet action: Other than that, the rules are for the most part identical as in Pac-Man
  • Advanced multi-data scoring system optimized for professional competitive gaming events
  • Multiple control methods: If you don't have a steering wheel you can use a joystick. If you don't have a joystick, you can use a mouse. If you don't have a mouse/mousepad/touchscreen, you can use a keyboard.

You can download Not Pacman in Windows, Linux, OSX and Source formats. For Linux and Source downloads you'll need Löve version 0.7.2, which you can download here.

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What do you think of Not Pacman? What's your high score? Let us know in the comments box below!

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