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Back to the Future-inspired trailer for Plants vs Zombies 2

Following the huge success of Plants vs Zombies, Popcap Games recently announced the release date for its second version in style with this brilliant CG trailer.

After four years of defending our lawns from zombies, this 90-second video announces the return of botanist Crazy Dave in the midst of of the quintessential Plants vs. Zombies experience - sunflowers, traffic cones, pea shooters and more. And next week, gamers all over the world will be whipped into a frenzy as PopCap showcases the new game at the annual E3 conference in LA.

Time travel

This trailer has such a high production quality, it could easily be mistaken for a new CG animated feature. However, unlike most movie trailers, PopCap have been careful not to give away everything about the new release - but enough to seriously whet the appetite of gamers all over the globe. For example, the introduction of a time machine already has us wondering what the lawns of ancient Egypt might look like.

Everything about this trailer excites us, from the familiar sight of the dumb zombies placing a cones on their heads and the feisty vegetables preparing for battle, to the clear nod to cult film Back to the Future at the end. We're just itching to try PvsZ2 out, safe in the knowledge that as soon as we do, we'll be hooked, once again, immediately.

Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time will be available as a free download and only available for iOS devices. For more information, visit the PopCap website.

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