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Video game paintings you can actually play

No matter how hi-tech and impressive games get these days, we still think you can't beat the feeling of a NES controller in your hands. Combining our love of retro games, design and art, this project from programmer Brent Watanabe is an arty take on some gaming classics.

For(){};, is a triptych of playable acrylic paintings, controlled by the viewer using a NES controller. Programmer and artist Brent Watanabe worked with painter Cable Griffith to create an interactive landscape painting influenced by Hieronymus Bosch's 'The Garden of Earthly Delights', merging traditional materials and new technology.

It is a game mechanism without the game and an addictive but essentially aimless experience. The custom computer application coms complete with token gaming sounds and is projection mapped onto three wall mounted paintings.

video game paintings

video game paintings

video game paintings

See more of Brent's work over on his website.

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