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Music video invades stock footage

US indie band Darwin Deez are known for their 'out-there' shows and edgy get-ups. So, for their latest music video, director Keith Schofield decided to put front-man Darwin into one of the most uncool places he could muster: reel-upon-reel of stock footage. Thus the 'outsider' connotation of being a rock star is brought to life in a quite literal way.

Created by production company Caviar London, the video takes us on a journey of the perfect romantic relationship but Darwin, locked out of the happy, shiny world of stock footage, can only look on as the story unfolds. Helen Power worked as the producer, whilst Laura Tunstall showcases her talents as executive producer and Ben Fordesman as director of photography.

It's both a simple idea and a stunningly inventive one to use something as standard as stock footage in this way. The footage itself came from the folks at pond5 and shutterstock and the team at imvdb took the time to find every clip that was used!

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