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Video training: ZBrush for Concept Artists Vol 1

This training video from a noted concept artist could help ZBrush users explore a new career, says Richard Hill.

  • PRICE: $49
  • Digital download
  • 116 minutes

DEVELOPER: Concept Design Workshop

Concept art is usually acknowledged as one of the production stages in a film or game project that doesn’t rely on 3D software. But Ben Mauro, an artist at Weta Workshop, has spotted a trend towards software like ZBrush playing an increased role in concept work, as art directors request greater realism even at this early stage.

Mauro’s taken the time to learn ZBrush and understand its relevance to his daily workflow. With this video, he’s setting out to help other concept artists do the same. In under two hours, he introduces the basics of ZBrush and shows how he combines it with Photoshop to produce a finished creature concept.

The exploration of ZBrush is aimed at those with little or no experience of the software. Such basic information is readily available elsewhere, but the video’s real value is in revealing a concept artist’s thought process and showing how ZBrush works within that. If you have the technical skills and the imagination to constantly devise new designs, perhaps there’s a work opportunity that ZBrush for Concept Artists can help you tap into.

The video is presented in the 1080p format, enabling you to see every detail as Mauro works. The artist has also provided his ZBrush and layered Photoshop documents for further study.

The one sour note is the audio editing, which cuts between a live workshop Mauro gave and a separately recorded voice-over to jarring effect.

Audio issues aside, this video offers a valuable insight into the work of a concept artist, and how ZBrush is changing it


Richard Hill is the editor of 3D World, with experience of CG software and a background in training provision

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