Vimeo users can now cash in with Tip Jar

Vimeo has announced two new features that enable creators to earn money from their films and videos. Available now, Tip Jar allows viewers to show their appreciation to creators by voluntarily contributing money to support new works.

Vimeo will also roll out an open pay-to-view service that allows creators to sell their work behind a paywall.

Number one with creatives

Over the past few years, Vimeo has solidifed itself as the go-to service for creatives looking to showcase their latest videos. With more than 75 million monthly unique visitors, and one of the world’s largest creative networks with over 13 million registered members, this announcement will certainly have an effect on the creative community.

Vimeo is already a well respected outlet in the creative industry

A word from the CEO

Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor said: “Empowering creators to make money from their videos is a logical next step for Vimeo as a service and an opportunity to expand the overall marketplace for video creators and viewers.”

The new Tip Jar feature will enable any viewer to give tips, with Vimeo paying the creator 85% of the gross revenue. Vimeo’s Tip Jar enables video creators to crowdsource funds to support works directly from their viewers. Tip Jar will allow anyone to give tips before, during or after watching a video; Vimeo will pay 85 percent of the gross revenue to the creator.

Vimeo will be giving creators 85% of the gross revenue generated by Tip Jar

Activate it now

Vimeo Plus or Pro members can choose to activate Tip Jar now, with Vimeo PRO subscribers able to do so early next year.

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